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Portable Instrument for testing materials with high attenuation of ultrasonic waves, as concrete, wood, plastic materials, constructions and coarse-grained materials.
The instrument is suited for testing materials with high attenuation of ultrasonic waves, as concrete, plastic materials with enhanced attenuation, constructions and coarse-grained materials in general. The principal feature of this equipment is its low operation frequency from 20 kHz to 1 MHz. The DIO 1000 LF kit includes one pair of low frequency transducers (1 pc. transmitter and 1 pc. receiver)
STARMANS low frequency transducers are single element transducers designed to work at frequencies of 50 kHz, 120 kHz, 200 kHz and 400 kHz. One pair of transducers consists of Transmitter and Receiver.
Designation Dimensions (mm) Connector Frequency
PNL-45-005T / PNL-45-005R Ø 45 mm BNC 50 kHz
PNL-19-012T / PNL-19-012R Ø 19 mm BNC 120 kHz
PNL-11-002T / PNL-11-002R Ø 11 mm BNC 200 kHz
PNL-F25-04T / PNL-F25-04R Ø 25 mm BNC 400 kHz
General specifications
Display Screen 6“ TFT LCD, 1024x768 pixels 60 Hz update rate
Display dimensions 99x130mm
True sampling rate 200MHz, 12-bit
Dimension (W x H x D) 224 mm x 188 mm x 34 mm
Weight 1.3 kg with battery
Battery Built-in Li-Ion battery 3.6V, 16Ah
Battery operating time Up to 10 hours
Languages Selectable, user-defined custom language
External Power Supply for Adaptor AC 80V~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Data Memory 4 " 16GB (up to 40000 A-Scans)
Warranty: 2 years, optional 3 years
Environment Tests
Operation Temperature -20°C~50°C
Storage Environment -40°C~70°C
DIO 1000 LF Low Frequency
Input / Output  
USB Connector One " Host USB
Encoder Connector A, B " pulses, TTL 5V, Start
Ethernet Connector External (optional on USB)
High Speed Parallel and TTL Port (optional) Alarm outputs, trigger in/out control
Analog Output AOUT1: Position of Echo flank in Gate 1 or EchoStart + AUX in Gate 4 AOUT2: Presence of Echo in Gate 1 or Echo Amplitude or Thickness
A/D Sampling Frequency 200 MHz
Probe connector Standard Lemo®
Number of Channel 1 channel
Scan Type B-scan Thickness / R-G-B amplitude
Focal Law quantity N/A
Scan Setup B-scan Thickness Max / Min / Nominal, R-G-B palette modified by Gate1 level
Range 0~29000mm for PRF 100Hz (Steel longitudinal wave)
Resolution 5ns for all echo position measurements and timebase settings
Material Velocity 1~19999 m/s
Display Delay -25~29000mm (Steel longitudinal wave)
Auto Transducer Calibration Zero offset and velocity
Units mm, inch, μs
Refracted Angle Fixed settings of 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 70°; variable 10°~90° in 0.1° steps for calculations, Skip diagram
Test Modes Dual (Through-Transmission), Dual+EXTamplifier
Probe Delay Range -10μs~4800μs
Gate Monitors Four Gates: Floating gate, Interface gate, Measuring gate, Back-wall attenuator
Alarms Selectable threshold positive/negative
Cursors N/A
Display Mode A, A+B-scan, A+TOFD, A+Beam shape
Peak hold Freezes Echo envelope
Auto Gate Thickness
DAC, JIS-DAC 20 points, linear or dB-linear interpolation, 4 sub-curves (AUX lines)
DGS (Distance Gain Size) BW, SDH, DSR calculation of curve, ERS (Equivalent Reflector Size)
TCG (Time Corrected Gain) for DAC/DGS
Attenuation compensation up to 400.0 dB/m in 0.1 dB/m steps
AWS Curve, value+AWS class
API 5UE Evaluation mode Yes
Spot weld (optional) N/A
Curved Surface Correction Inside, ouside
Colour maps R-G-B
Test Point Selection Peak, Peak+Flank, Peak+Flank+FirstPeak
Measurement method Four Gates: Each can measure echo amplitude, position, alarm. Gate 1: Sound Path, Depth, Surface Distance (curved surface). Gate 2: Thickness. Gate 3: Back-wall attenuator. Gate 4: Interface. Skip diagram for Angle probes
Gate Start Full Range
Gate Width Full Range
Gate Trash 2~98%
Pulse Transmitter  
Pulser Unipolar Square Wave, Burst
Repetition Frequency 10Hz~20kHz, peak envelope of A-scan display
Energy 75~275V
Pulse Width 15ns~50μs (10kHz~33MHz)
Damping 180 and 1000Ω

Pulser Focusing N/A
Pulser Delay N/A
Gain 0~111dB with 0.1/0.5/1.0/6dB step
Digital Gain -6~36dB used for TCG
Bandwith 10kHz~10MHz at -3dB
Rectification Pos HW, Neg HW, FW and RF
Amplitude measurement 0~150_ FSH
Filter 50k,120k,200k,400k,500k, 10k~200k BP; 10k/100kHz HP; digital LP 6Mhz
Averaging 2 ~ 64x applied on limited range
Reject 0~70%
Receiver Delay N/A