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  • Multi Channel Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Multi Channel C-scan Image generation
  • Multi Axes Motion Control
  • Automatic Couplant Supplier
  • Specialized UT Data Analyzer
  • Inspection Head
  • Multi Channel Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Adaptive Surface Contact Mechanism
  • Couplant Scraper Module
  • Limit S/W Embedded
  • Automatic Centering Tripod Embedded
  • Sophisticated Multi Axes Control
  • Max. 2400mm Inspection
  • Rotation/Feeding/Adaption/Lift Motion
  • DC Servo Control for Low EMC
  • Multi Axes Motion Control
  • Dedicated Motion Control
  • Manual Control with Joystick
  • X, Y Motion Control in VTB
  • Direct Keyboard Control
  • Inspection Homing for Same Part Change
Inspection Mode and Data analyzer
(1) A-Scan : Raw RF signal with Amplitude and Time span
(2) C-scan with TOF / Amp (Max. 64 Gates)

(3) Selection of Region of Interest (ROI): Rectangular area / Circular area

(4) Histogram in ROI
A. Amplitude Histogram
B. Accumulative Amp Histogram in ROI
(5) Image Threshold and leveling using Histogram

(6) Indication Ratio Calculation in ROI

(7) Binary Image Construction
A. Threshold setting
B. Voltage peak Phased Variation

(8) Color palette control

(9) DB Manager

(10) Brightness/ Contrast Control
(11) Zoom in/out

(12) 3D plot with TOF / Amp

(13) Report Gen. & Print

(14) Raw Data, Jpg, Bmp Save

(15) Measurement: Angle, Distance