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Scanner Module
System Specifications
  • Pulse type : Negative spike
  • Pulse Voltage : 100~475V
  • Gain : -14~+60 dB
  • Bandwidth : 0.5~50 MHz
A/D Converter
  • Sampling Rate : 500 MHz
Mechanical Scanner
  • Axis : 3 Axis
  • Motor : DC Brushless Motor, Step Motor, AC Servo Motor are available
  • Saving various format image file
    Inspection condition loading from clicking mouse one time
  • Multiple Gate for several area inspections in one scanning Histogram display of scanning result
    Various color-map
    Calculate of the rate Good vs Bad
    Calculate for the rate or area
  • Print the screen automatically
  • Joystick Control
  • Brightness, Contrast Control
  • Zoom
  • Select area (Rectangle or Circle)
  • Useful window management
Scanner Position Display & Control
Scanning images & A-scan display
Various Color-map for display