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SDM103 is computer s/w that convert analog signal from Inspection system, CS87 to digital data and perform data processing. SDM103 provides inspection report automatically. SDM103 is able to make a decision for flaw in specimen and inspection grade using internal analysis algorithm.
  • Real time analog to digital conversion during inspection.
  • Real time A-scan image/ B-scan image display
  • Restoration of Inspection report generation
  • Automatic calculation of inspection counter using number of tubes
  • Similar B-scan image with conventional analog inspection system
  • H-scale/V-scale matching with conventional analog inspection system
  • Supply long A-scan input (1250us)
  • Depth display using threshold in A-scan window
  • Flaw detection and generating inspection grade using internal analysis algorithm
Ultrasonic DIPT 106 (Digital Image Processing Technique) System is NDT inspection system for water pipe inspection. This system provides scan-converted B-scan image data of pipe section. Therefore user is able to detect the variation of pipe wall and flaws by performing signal and image processing.
Graphic user interface of DIPT system is configured of inspection condition set-up, RF-data display window, scan-converted image window, ultrasound properties set-up
  • Scanning resolution set-up during pipe inspection and definition of dimension of pipe
  • Easy attaching to steel pipe by applying magnetic scanner wheel.
  • Adjustment of ultrasound in transmitting and receiving
  • Inspection data restoration (ASCII, BMP)
  • Sampling rate: up to 100MHz
  • OS: Windows 2000
  • H/W : Intel Pentium4 CPU, Main Memory : 128MB
  • 100MB HDD, 16MB SVGA card