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GUS 107 is ultrasound NDT system that generates high-power tone burst ultrasound, and convert analog ultrasound signal to digital data for analysis and data processing. This system is configured of high-power ultrasound pulse/receiver board (2500W, 300V) and 50MHz analog to digital conversion board. Base system of GUS107 is Indu-strial PC embedded Pentium III CPU. User can connect switch box that has multiple Tx and Rx switches (GUS SW107) with GUS 107 for connection of multiple ultrasound probe.
  • Tone burst ultrasonic generation
  • Control of Tx and Rx properties: Repetition rate, Pulse width, Freq., Gain, Amplitude
  • Analog to Digital conversion: Max. 50MHz
  • Data restoration and reviewing save data: RF-data (ASCII type)